Hey, I'm @jhheider.
I write code. Any code. I'm not at all picky (about that). I'm not the guy who makes it look pretty, but I'm definitely the guy who can make it work.
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My Background / About Me
I'm a software developer. I've always been a software developer, even when I was a network engineer, small business owner, ISP support tech, or small child. I was hooked when I found that 3-2-1 Contact had programs printed in the back of each issue. It started with AppleBasic on an Apple ][c. This was a long time ago. And I've never lost the bug.
It's rare to find a problem that can't be improved with computer code. Even extremely human activities can often be automated usefully. One of my first professional positions -- a college internship -- involved cataloging non-standard real-estate assets. Yes, this sounds odd and dull at the same time. I created, I'm ashamed to admit all these years later, a large VisualBasic for Applications application in Microsoft Excel that simplified the management of this data, and allowed for much better analysis of these assets. Since then, I've never stopped automating.
My Work / My Projects (more soon. never fear.)
Advent of Code
If you're not doing Advent of Code in December, you're missing out. I use it to keep sharp, and to study languages I aspire to learn. My current aspiration is to spend more time writing Rust, so there's a lot of that there.
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A simple Rust CLI tool to implement teaxyz/cli's `semver.ts` for improved testing.
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